Raising the bar

While the age-old, unique remedial qualities of New Zealand’s own manuka honey are renowned, the revered, yet humble hemp seed continues its meteoric rise as a proven curative and restorative agent. At MaTo, uniting the gentle force of these two highly therapeutic and effective nutrient profiles into one, makes sense. Naturally.

Up the anti

Our Hemp Wash Bars are the carefully considered result of rich, nourishing plant-based ingredients, combined with the active anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-ageing and antimicrobial properties of hemp seed oil and manuka honey. Gentle enough to use from head to toe, MaTo Hemp Wash Bars are packed full of the essentials that your skin craves; deeply cleansing and replenishing while leaving the skin hydrated and protected.

Sourced from nature

MaTo is proud to source hemp seed oil from Greenfern Industries, a New Zealand owned and operated company who cold-press their crop from the southern climes of Lake Hawea. Greenfern operates on a non-negotiable pillar of environmental sustainability, choosing to work in harmony with nature, by raising and supplying their seed with organic principles, and avoiding the adverse effects of irrigation, herbicides and pesticides. 

It’s been said that big things come in small packages, so how best to sum all of this goodness up? MaTo derives its essence from te reo Māori ‘matomato’, denoting: a pleasing appearance, lushness, vigour, growth, rich and verdant. Or, short and sweet (much like our hemp and manuka honey wash bar itself) in one word MaTo, to flourish.

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